How to Find the Best Small Business Attorney Near Me

For business owners, there will always come a time when legal advice is necessary. A quick online search will bring up plenty of options for local counsel. But simply clicking on one of the online ads or picking a name from a directory doesn’t answer the question, “Is this the best small business attorney near me?”

Here are some criteria that may be useful in making a decision:

Does the attorney deal primarily with small businesses?

Many practices are fully capable of handling straightforward business questions in addition to their main areas of focus like personal injury. However, attorneys who's clients are mainly for small business law bring additional perspective to the table. For example, they will understand how a business partnership formed among family members may be impacted later by separation, divorce, or inheritance—because it’s something they’ve dealt with many times before.

Does the attorney make communication simple?

For small business owners, there hardly seems to be enough time in the day to handle business operations. A law office that requires an in-person meeting every time an issue comes up might not be the best choice. If time is a concern, consider finding a small business attorney who provides virtual communication and a client portal that supports online document review and management.

Do they have a strong referral network?

No attorney is a specialist on all issues—which means they need to know who to call on for questions outside their scope of expertise. For example, cybersecurity is an area of business that might require special guidance. In this situation, a small business might be best served by a referral to an expert in risk management, IT support, or cyber law specialist. A good attorney will have the right contacts to make an introduction.

Is their fee structure a good fit?

Hourly rates are still common for law practices. In some circumstances, this is an appropriate way to charge for work when the scope is unclear. However, some small business owners prefer a flat fee that provides them with reasonable access to their attorney without watching the clock. This structure may work well for business owners who prefer legal advice to be a fixed expense in their budget. One benefit of a fixed fee is that it encourages clients to reach out when they have a question instead of making a legal decision on their own and then finding out later that there are unintended ramifications.

How do they seem during the initial consultation?

The attorney/client relationship should be built on trust and competence. Schedule an initial consultation and have questions lined up that will provide insight into their experience serving businesses like yours.

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