Small Business Legal Issues

Managing a small business can be a challenge and is only further complicated if the business runs into legal trouble. Here are a few common small business legal issues and how to avoid them. Frivolous Lawsuits One of the biggest and costliest small business legal issues are frivolous lawsuits. The ... Read More >

FAQ: Copyright Law

Ten Common Questions about Copyright Law What is a copyright? A copyright is a form of protection of art and culture given to the artist or author. The copyright gives the person who created the work six exclusive rights. These rights are the right to reproduce the work, distribute the work, ... Read More >

Business Dissolutions in New York

A corporation or an LLC can at any time decide to undergo a business dissolution. Upon dissolution, the business will no longer exist. However, even after dissolution certain requirements exist. A business dissolution may be voluntary or by proclamation. Procedure for Voluntary Business ... Read More >

Considerations for a Business Sale

Selling a business can be a long and complex process. It is important to be prepared when making this important decision. Here are a few things to consider: Value Considerations before a business sale One of the first considerations when planning a business sale is determining the value. In order ... Read More >

Commercial Lease Review: 10 Things New York Tenants Should Know

Ten things New York tenants must know about the commercial lease review process After months of searching you finally found the perfect location for your business. The rent is reasonable, the size is just right, the landlord seems nice. You can already picture your business in this location. You ... Read More >

Small Business Startup: First Steps

To many, owning a small business is the American dream. A chance to be their own boss and make their own way. Entrepreneurs have ideas for new businesses all the time- whether it is the next big thing to revolutionize an industry or a tried and true concept. However, when it comes to the actual ... Read More >

Independent Contractor Agreements: What Every Small Business Owner Should Know

Independent contractors are rapidly gaining in popularity among small business owners. While there are numerous advantages to classifying workers as independent contractors instead of employees, misclassification can result in stiff fines and penalties. There are many important and critical ... Read More >

Contract Review Checklist

Contract Review Checklist Do you have a contract on your desk right now just waiting for your signature? If you are like most small business owners- you do. Business owners enter into agreements all the time. People make some agreements with nothing more than a handshake. But others are more ... Read More >

How Trademark Law Can Help Your Small Business

 What is a trademark? A trademark is anything that is used to identify a business and its goods and distinguish it from another business. A trademark can be a name, a logo, or a symbol. Similarly, a service mark is used to identify a service provider; for example: a daycare center, an insurance ... Read More >

Answers To Your Small Business Questions

Answers To Your Small Business Questions If you are like most small business owners, you have small business questions. Small business questions about taxes, laws, trademarks, contracts, operations...the list goes on. Luckily there are various resources available to small business owners that could ... Read More >

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