Brooklyn Business Lawyer: Employee vs. Independent Contractor

Brooklyn Business Lawyer: Employee vs. Independent Contractor Classification of a worker as either an employee or an independent contractor can be critical, and misclassification can have serious consequences. Improperly classified workers are often denied access to benefits and protections, such ... Read More >

When Must a Business Pay Interns? – New York Business Lawyer

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Small Business Legal Issues

Managing a small business can be a challenge and is only further complicated if the business runs into legal trouble. Here are a few common small business legal issues and how to avoid them. Frivolous Lawsuits One of the biggest and costliest small business legal issues are frivolous lawsuits. The ... Read More >

Independent Contractor Agreements: What Every Small Business Owner Should Know

Independent contractors are rapidly gaining in popularity among small business owners. While there are numerous advantages to classifying workers as independent contractors instead of employees, misclassification can result in stiff fines and penalties. There are many important and critical ... Read More >