FAQ: New York LLC Publication Requirement

What is the publication requirement? New York Limited Liability Company Law requires that all newly formed LLCs publish a notice of formation within 120 days of forming. This notice must be published in two newspapers for six consecutive weeks. The newspapers must be those that are designated by the ... Read More >

FAQ: Corporations

What is a corporation? A business corporation is a legal entity that is separate from the individuals who compose it. Corporations generally have perpetual existence (no fixed date for dissolution) and limited liability (the shareholders are not personally liable for the liabilities of the ... Read More >

FAQ: Copyright Law

Ten Common Questions about Copyright Law What is a copyright? A copyright is a form of protection of art and culture given to the artist or author. The copyright gives the person who created the work six exclusive rights. These rights are the right to reproduce the work, distribute the work, ... Read More >

Small Business Startup: First Steps

To many, owning a small business is the American dream. A chance to be their own boss and make their own way. Entrepreneurs have ideas for new businesses all the time- whether it is the next big thing to revolutionize an industry or a tried and true concept. However, when it comes to the actual ... Read More >