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When you have a valid trademark, you are protecting your business. The trademark can keep other companies from using your logo, brand name, slogan and tagline. This is the best way to protect this part of your small business. A Long Beach trademark attorney can help you acquire the trademark you need.

Not only are you protecting your business, but you are acquiring an asset. Trademarks can increase in value if you have a good reputation and as your business grows.

Here at Regina Gordon Law Office, we can help you from start to finish with your trademark. First, we can begin a comprehensive trademark search. This will help you avoid trademark infringement and determine if someone else is using the business name you plan to use.

Trademark Search Services

  • comprehensive federal trademark search
  • state trademark search and common law trademark search
  • phone or Skype consultation detailing search results; or opinion letter detailing search results

After doing a thorough search for your trademark, we will begin the registration process. From the application process to the actual certificate, Regina Gordon Law Office will be by your side. These are the services we offer for registration:

U. S. Trademark Registration

  • prepare and file federal trademark application with the USPTO
  • monitor trademark application process response to non substantive office actions (up to 30 minutes)
  • trademark registration certificate

We also can work with you on copyright registration to protect your written work. We will prepare, file, and review the certification of your copyright.

At Regina Gordon Law Office, we pride ourselves in being available to our clients and staying with them from the beginning of a trademark or copyright to the end product of a certificate. If you need help obtaining a trademark and/or copyright certificate in Long Beach, contact just today at 347-770-7507.

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