Contract Drafting and Review

An Experienced Contract Drafting and Negotiation Attorney

Business owners regularly enter into various contracts and agreements. Each contract needs careful review and negotiation to ensure it is beneficial to your business. Most contracts can be drafted for the price quoted below. However, if an agreement is complex or requires extensive negotiation or revision, additional fees may apply. Any additional fees will be quoted upfront.  

General Contracts

Goods Contract
Service Contract

Employment Contracts

Employee Non Disclosure Agreement
Employment Contract
Independent Contractor Contract
Employee Non Compete Agreement
Severance Agreement

Real Estate Contracts

Residential Lease
Commercial Lease
Construction Contract
$600 and up
$600 and up

Loan Contracts

Promissory Note

Internet Contracts

Privacy Policy
Terms & Conditions
$350 and up

Contract Review, Revision, and Negotiation

Have you been handed a contract and asked to sign but would like clarification on what you are agreeing to? Are you using a contract you wrote yourself and not sure if it provides you with adequate protection? I can help. Send me your document and I will review it, explain it to you in plain English, make suggestions and alterations, and even contact the other party to negotiate.
Starting at $225 for up to 5 pages and $25 per additional page for review and revision, negotiation additional

Need help negotiating a big deal? I can help with that too! Contact me today with all the details and find out how I can help.

Commercial Lease Review, Revision, and Negotiation

Leasing commercial space is a big step for many small businesses. Typically a commercial lease is a long term agreement with many requirements and stipulations. Having unfavorable provisions in the lease or not fully understanding the terms can be costly to a small business. I will review the lease, explain all the details in plain English, make suggestions and alterations and negotiate with the landlord so that you can be sure that when you sign on the dotted line someone is looking out for your best interest.
Starting at $675 for up to 15 pages and $25 per additional page