NY LLC Publication

All Inclusive New York LLC Publication Package

Let me help you satisfy the New York LLC publication requirement, for a flat fee. The prices below include all costs and fees – no surprises. I handle everything. You worry about nothing.

What is the New York LLC publication requirement?

New York Limited Liability Company Law requires the publication of a notice of formation of a LLC within 120 days. Essentially, it is a notice to the community of the formation of the company, the address of the company and upon whom notice of a lawsuit should be served. Notice must be published in two designated newspapers for six consecutive weeks. The newspapers must be those that are designated by the appropriate county clerk. Publication must be done in the county where the LLC’s registered office is located. After the notice is published for six weeks both newspapers will send an affidavit of publication, which must then be forwarded to the New York Secretary of State along with the Certificate of Publication.

What happens if I don’t publish within 120 days?

If the certificate of publication, along with affidavits of publication, are not submitted to the Department of State within the allowed 120 days the authority of the LLC to conduct business in the state may be suspended.

New York LLC Publication Package


  • Preparation of notice
  • Obtain designated newspapers from county clerk
  • Submit notice to newspapers
  • File affidavits and Certificate of Publication with NY Department of State
  • Includes all costs and fees
This additional fee applies if the LLC was formed in a state other than New York and a certificate of authority has been issued by New York
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